Patellar Tendon Early Rehab Sample Program

Demonstrated in this video are some exercises that were prescribed in phase 2 of a patellar tendon rehab case. A special thank you to @Kendall__marie for sharing her story. Kendall started PT with Craig after experiencing a partial patellar tendon tear while playing professional volleyball overseas. After 6 weeks of PT Kendall is back to cycling classes, running, and participating in volleyball drills. Phase 2 focused on progressive strengthening and conditioning, jumping drills, and progressive patellar tendon loading exercises. With the reassessment video, you can appreciate @Kendall__marie improved weight bearing through both legs with less compensation‼️ @SmarttoolsUSA BFR cuffs were utilized day 1 in this case to fight the side-effects of injury and disuse, which include deconditioning and anabolic resistance. BFR is a novel method to obtain similar gains of High Intensity Resistance Training (HIRT) while utilizing significantly lower loads (20-35% 1RM) to promote muscular strength and hypertrophy!
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