Patellar Tendon Early Rehab Sample Program

Demonstrated in this video are some exercises that were prescribed in phase 1 of a patellar tendon rehab case. A special thank you to @Kendall__marie for sharing her story. Kendall started PT with Craig after experiencing a partial patellar tendon tear while playing professional volleyball overseas. At the time, she was having difficulty with working out, cycling, running, and couldn’t even imagine the thought of playing volleyball again due to her knee pain. As you can see with the assessment video, @Kendall__marie was using compensatory strategies to offload her L knee, especially with jumping and squatting. Phase 1 focused on addressing compensatory strategies, proximal LE strengthening, and progressive patellar tendon loading exercises. Check out phase 2 exercises to see progressions @SmarttoolsUSA BFR cuffs were utilized day 1 in this case to fight the side-effects of injury and disuse, which include deconditioning and anabolic resistance. BFR is a novel method to obtain similar gains of High Intensity Resistance Training (HIRT) while utilizing significantly lower loads (20-35% 1RM) to promote muscular strength and hypertrophy!
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