Patellar Tendon Sample Rehab Program

Here is a snippet of some exercises I recently used with an athlete of mine who had patellar tendinopathy. When it comes to all tendinopathies, I utilize the idiom EdURep. . Ed = EDUCATION. You must first educate the patient on the pathophysiology and assure them that conservative management does in fact have good outcomes. Teaching the patient self-management strategies and giving them a realistic prognosis/time table is a must. . U = UNLOADING. As tendinopathy signifies chronic maladaptive loading, you need to give the tendon a period of relative unloading to promote optimal improvement in outcomes and symptoms relief. Understanding the patient's day to day activities in addition to their training schedule is important in determining where you can realistically unload the competitive athlete. . Re = RELOAD. Systematically reloading the tendon to better handle the stresses placed on it is imperative. Many studies incorporate eccentric and isometric exercises. . P = PREVENTION. Retraining proper movement and educating the patient on controlling their training/playing volume is key to prevention.
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