Patellar Tendon Burnouts

I’ve been doing a lot of hiking lately in preparation for a big trip in Peru late this summer.  With hiking comes elevation gain, but what goes up must come down‼️Hiking/walking downhill adds stress to the front of the knee, especially the quad/patellar tendon. With that being said, I have to understand the demands of the activity and ensure the tissue capacity (in this case the quad/patellar tendon complex) can handle the stress. This changes how I train ⤵️   Here is a staple accessory exercise I have added into my leg training days at least 1x/week ➡️ burnouts on a wedge. The goal is to get the knee forward over my toes 🆘 YES I said it 🆘 BECAUSE this is going to happen hiking downhill. I have to adapt to it and build strength to tolerate this. With proper dosage, this is a great exercise to build resilient quad/patellar tendon complexes to have happy knees with hiking 👌🏻   The slant board is designed to increase the load on the knee. I also really like the ‘glute burnout’ emphasis adding dynamic taps with the opposite foot to get the hips working, and to make my quad work a bit harder. These HIP HALOS by @crossoversymmetry I am using in the video are LEGIT‼️ My skin and leg hairs ♥️ them, and yours will too. Use the code ‘PREHAB15’ to save 15% on any @crossoversymmetry product. You can find their products on our store
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