Partner Plank Variations

Planks are a traditional starting point when it comes to core workouts. However, with the amount of plank variations seen in the fitness industry, one may find it difficult to choose the best plank variation for them. It comes down to purpose, what do you want to target with the plank variation? Front planks are a sagittal dominant movement, while side planks are more frontal and transverse plane dominant movements with one of the highest gluteus medius muscle activations of any bodyweight exercise. Static planks performed alone and in only one plane of movement can get boring! The prehab method will always strive to train all three planes of movement, thus we share with you our partner plank variation. Benefits of performing this movement with a partner: Every Muscle Action & Every Plane Of Movement: With this plank variation, we are hitting isometric, concentric, and eccentric muscle actions of all the core musculature. Adding the resistance band component allows one partner to perform concentric muscle actions, while the other partner simultaneously performs eccentric and isometric muscle actions as demonstrated in the video. This is an advanced core exercise! If this is too challenging, try this step-by-step progression with your partner to build up to this variation. Without any band... Front planks with alternating shoulder taps Isometric unilateral front plank holds Front plank to side plank movement (demonstrated in video)
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