Partner Med Ball Toss

The traditional Med Ball Toss against the ground and/or wall is a great exercise for power development. However, when performed alone without a catch, it tends to be a concentric focused movement. As important as it is to be able to generate power in the med ball toss, it is essential to practice absorbing energy via a med ball catch! Try this variation as part of our partner core workout series. Benefits of performing this movement with a partner: Eccentric Control & Balance: Catching a med ball requires the core muscles to work eccentrically by slowing down the body as it turns. These are the same muscles that are responsible for slowing down the body in sport specific movements such as after a baseball swing, golf swing, or a hockey shot. Conclusion: With all things in life, stimulus variation is key. Whether it be your training program, diet, or time well spent with leisure activities - mixing things up is the smartest way to avoid plateaus in motivation and gains.
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