Palloff Press

“Core Stability is about optimal control, which is the balance between MOVEMENT and STIFFNESS” –Paul Hodges. To perform this exercise correctly: 1. Step out until the resistance band is of moderate resistance. 2. Palloff Press- coined by therapist John Palloff; a Palloff press is properly executed by bringing arms out in front of you by flexing the shoulder and extending the elbows (which increases the moment arm) hold for 3-5 seconds & return to starting position. Despite the benefits of statically strengthening the core rotators; try running, throwing, reaching in the back of the fridge with a STATIC spine. The spine is meant to be MOBILE especially at the T/S; and if you plan to move your core in the transverse plane, it is essential to train in the same plane. 3. Rotation- Rotate from side to side in a slow and controlled fashion, most of your rotation should come from mid to upper thoracic spine
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