Tabletop Shoulder External Rotation At 90 Degrees Shoulder Abduction

Check out @Kokokurdoghlian working on some dynamic overhead shoulder stability. Koko came to Craig after nursing some shoulder pain while playing D1 basketball at Cal. After assessment, it was apparent he was having difficulty stabilizing his shoulder in an overhead position and with rotational movements. However, it was a matter of finding the right position with shoulder rehab exercises that would allow him to really focus on maintaining a path of instantaneous center of rotation at his shoulder joint (PICR according to Sahrmann) AKA how do we promote pure rotation at the shoulder joint without excessive movement? What worked!? Decreasing the degrees of freedom AKA take away moving parts. Demonstrated is a drill that has allowed Koko to work on dynamic shoulder stability pain-free while minimizing excess shoulder motion. Having his feet on the wall in a 90/90 position and his upper arms supported on the ground helps him achieve optimal pelvic and back position without compensation. What you can’t hear is Craig cueing Koko to continue working on rib position to minimize flare. I like to program this with 3 to 5 sets of at least 15 reps focused on endurance and quality of movement! The @Crossoversymmetry system is perfect for this drill and is our go to system for training shoulder stability!!
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