Open up Side Step – In Place

  • HOW: Begin in a squat position with a band on around and above your knees. While keeping one foot in place, step in an open-up fashion to the outside to make a 90 degree angle. Hold this position for a moment, then slowly return to starting position and repeat. Perform on the other side.
  • FEEL: You will feel the muscles on the outside of the hip and leg that you're standing on and not moving the most. This is driving pelvis motion on the hip versus hip on pelvis. Listen to the video to learn more.
  • COMPENSATION: Try to keep most of your weight on the leg that is not moving. Focus on not letting your knee cave in on the side that is not moving while keeping a good squat form the entire time. The rotation comes from your pelvis and your hip, do not rotate and/or twist your knee.

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