Offset Dumbell Bench Press For Glute Activation

Can’t “feel” your glutes?   Try this! . I recently had a patient who had a very hard time feeling his glutes. I literally tried everything. Bridges. Clams. Hip addictions. Firehydrants. Different angles. Iso holds. Pelvic tilts. Everything. You name it. . The offset DB bench press was actually an exercise I had just given to one of my previous shoulder patients who is limited in his horizontal pressing due to AC joint discomfort. After doing a couple sets, he said it wasn’t his core, pecs, or triceps that were sore (nor was his AC joint pain), but actually his GLUTES!! . So I used this with that patient and what do you know, it worked! . Moral of the story. Know that one particular exercises can be used for A MULTITUDE OF DIFFERENT REASONS!!! A forward lunge isn’t just a knee exercise. A romanian deadlift isn’t just a hip exercise. A bench press isn’t just a chest exercise. Are the exercises dominant for that said muscle group in comparison to another exercise? Yes! But you use a TON of muscles with every motion or movement. We can't "isolate" one single muscle. But we can try to maximize a muscle's activation through choosing particular movements, lever arms, and or loads.
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