Obturator Neural Mobility Assessment

The obturator nerve supplies many of the muscles of our groin area and with this assessment we are going to look at its mobility. To begin, start in a seated position on the edge of a chair or table. From this position, put your hands behind your back and look down towards the ground. From here, bring one leg out into what we call hip abduction. Once you feel tension in the groin, take note of what you are feeling, and look up, seeing if the tension or discomfort resolves. Return to the starting position and perform on your other leg. For this assessment, see if you notice any difference side to side. Do you feel the tightness in one area more than the other? Does it feel different between each leg? Prehab Goals & Normative Values: There should not be a significant difference side to side, the movement and allowed movement should feel even. Take the assessment, write down your score, and track your progress throughout the program.
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