Stretches For Neck Muscles

Tight Neck? Neck Mobilizations . Disclaimer: These mobilizations are meant to be VERY gentle, there are neuro-vascular structures that run in this area. These mobilizations are NOT meant to cause numbness or tingling down the arm. You have been warned! . There are 4 mobilizations broken down in this episode. For all of these, begin by standing under a barbell. Ideally the bar will be just under shoulder height in order for you to place your shoulder girdle beneath the bar. 1️⃣1st rib mobilization. You will push your legs into the floor and use the strength of the leg to place an inferior glide on the first rib. 2️⃣Scalenes. While on the first rib (which is where the anterior and middle scalene's attach) bring your ear towards to opposite shoulder. This will stretch the Scalene muscles. 3️⃣Upper Trapezius Stretch. Bring your ear towards the opposite armpit "Listen to the opposite armpit", this will maximally lengthen this muscle. 4️⃣Levator Scapulae Stretch. place the bar on the inner/top portion of the scpaula, this is where the Levator will have an attachment. At this point you want to "smell the opposite armpit" this will maximally lengthen this muscle. -Add a chin tuck for the Upper Trap and Levator stretch to take it one step further. . �Arash here is holding onto the bar to avoid elevation of the bar. Again, be gentle here. Re-assess your neck motion afterwards and see how this feels!
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