Neck Mobility Assessment

Test DESCRIPTION: This video is designed to assess your neck range of motion in all planes of movement. You will perform neck flexion and extension, side bend in both directions, rotation in both directions, and flexion + rotation. It would be in your best interest to film it directly head-on as well as from the side at a 90-degree angle, it is ok to do separate videos. The head-on view is good for flexion + rotation, rotation, and side bend whereas the side view is good for flexion (looking down) and extension (looking up). Test INSTRUCTIONS: We do not have you perform objective measurements, however, below are some ideal prehab ranges of motion you should strive for. NORMS: Flexion -> chin to sternum Extension -> back of skull to base of neck Rotation -> chin in line with the collarbone Side bend -> no pain or glaring asymmetries side to side Flexion + Rotation -> chin to middle of collarbone Something to be mindful of, did you have any pain or limitations with any specific motions? Any asymmetries? Make note of anything particular you would like to work on so that you can reassess and see if you improved or not.
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