Muscle Asymmetries That Matter

Time Stamps  00:00 Start  00:47 Common misconceptions with muscle asymmetries & muscle imbalances 06:22 Hip Strength Asymmetry Assessment 08:23 Shoulder Strength Asymmetry Assessment 09:05 Knee Strength Asymmetry Assessment 10:47 End   Are you struggling with the concept of having a perfectly balanced, symmetrical body? Not all muscle imbalances matter, but there is one concept supported by science that you better be focused on to avoid injuries!   Lets start off with what doesn’t matter, did you know that… - 10% muscle asymmetry side-to-side in athletes throwing arm or kicking leg is not uncommon - Differences in range of motion such as shoulder external rotation or thoracic rotation are not just ok, but actually advantageous adaptations for some athletes - Differences in how your body visually appears side-to-side DOES NOT EQUAL risk of pain or injury   So what does matter? Joint-specific muscle strength balance ratios. We break down exactly what this means and how to determine the ratios!   Be sure to watch the entire video to learn a few different assessments you can perform to assess joint-specific muscle strength balance ratios throughout the body!
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