Side Plank – Shoulder External Rotation, Band – On Knees

  • HOW:  Start with getting a band set up around each wrist. Begin the exercise in a side-lying position with your knees bent on top of one another. Distribute your weight onto your knee and forearm facing the floor. While keeping your feet and knees on the floor, side bridge up by pushing your bottom knee into the floor to lift your pelvis up and forward. While holding this position, perform shoulder external rotation.
  • FEEL:  You should feel the side towards the floor working, from your outer hips to outer core and shoulder that is against the floor. When you are elevated your bottom knee, hip and shoulder should all be in one line. You will also feel both shoulders working with the external rotation motion.
  • COMPENSATION:  Avoid sagging your pelvis, hips, or shoulder as you bridge up into this position. You should feel strong through your shoulder and shoulder blade, do not let your shoulder sag. Keep your torso still with the shoulder external rotation. Only rotate your arm.

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