Modified Partner Pallof Press

The Pallof Press is an excellent anti-rotation exercise that should be a staple of every core program designed. The traditional pallof press has been well documented in research to support it's ability along with other isometric trunk exercises to enhance core stiffness (1). This modified partner pallof press is just the stimulus variation you need to spice up your core workout! With a partner, grab a resistance band and distance yourself from one another until there is tension in the band. Now for 30-60 seconds, you and your partner will write your names, the word pallof press, or any word you would like and repeat! Level 1 is a good place to start, but if you want to increase the challenge then progress towards level 3. If the quality of movement gets sloppy with too much trunk rotation or movement, then regress to a lower level or perform the movement slower. Benefits of performing this movement with a partner: Variable Resistance At Variable Angles - because both individuals are moving the band , this exercise is very different than a band anchored to a wall. You would not be able to achieve the varying amounts of resistance, and varying angle changes to the same degree without a partner! Yes, this modified version performed with a partner may have more trunk movement than the traditional pallof press, BUT that is ok. Excessive, uncontrolled trunk movement should be avoided, minor movement is to be expected with this partner variation. If you find you and your partner are having trouble, simply slow down the movement and regress. The faster you go and the less base of support you have (level 3), the harder it is. Don't have a partner? Here is how to do this modified pallof press without one. (1) Lee, B. C., and S. M. McGill. Effect of long-term isometric training on core/torso stiffness. J. Strength Cond. Res. 29(6):1515–1526, 2015.
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