Bear Crawl Using Sliders

The bear crawl is an excellent exercise to challenge dynamic core stability. The bear crawl is also a great exercise because it helps with body awareness. Proprioception (knowing where your joints are in space) is considered another sense of the body, just like smell and taste! Having a good sense of body awareness is key to help maintain form during lifts and exercises. Try out this modified, regressed version of the bear crawl. Although a regression, I love this version because it is great for individuals with poor scapular stability. Utilizing sliders, the exercise is now a continuous closed-kinetic-chain (CKC) exercise for the upper body. If you perform this movement long enough, the scapular stabilizers will be challenged under endurance conditions. These are ideal parameters because we want these muscles to do their job all day long when we go about our lives. The best part is, the exercise is not just a static CKC exercise, it is also a dynamic! Scapular dyskinesia is typically more of a dynamic movement dysfunction, rather than static.
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