Mobility Flow

Mobility Flow [Stay Moving!] Here is a very easy exercise to mimic mobility flow that we have found to be efficient at keeping a majority of your body parts mobile. To perform this: Walk your arms to a downward facing dog, where you will rotate your body pushing your heel down towards the floor one leg at a time, this will mobilize the posterior aspect of each leg. Lunge one leg into a Runner's Lunge position and attempt to bring both elbows toward the floor, stretching your hip into flexion. Straighten the elbow of the side being stretched and rotate your torso towards the opposite side. Make sure to keep the loaded arm against your leg. This will emphasize a groin stretch in addition to mobilizing your thoracic spine. Rotate your torso towards the leg in front. Push back into a hamstring stretch. Try to keep a relatively neutral spine, you can see Arash's low back round a bit here! Lunge into a hip flexor stretch keeping your arms raised. This will allow you to maintain your trunk upright. Move back into a downward dog and repeat on the opposite side! Attempt to combine these movements in the most fluid way possible, allowing a smooth transition from one movement to the next. Hence the word FLOW. Typically each position should be held for a full inhale and a slow exhale, around 5-10 seconds. Note: Feel free to add a pad under the knee to avoid any irritation.
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