Mid-Back Mobilization

Mid-Back Knot? Self mobilization to help you! . Ever feel tightness in your mid-back region, specifically between your shoulder blades? Often times the culprit of this is the "rhomboid" muscles (major and minor). The Rhomboids originate on the spinous process of C7-T5 vertebrates and insert onto the medial border of the scapula. . Shown in this episode are 2 great way to self-mobilize this tissue! 1️⃣ The first stretch will passively lengthen the tissue (Rhomboid muscles) -Lean away from the bar while pushing your body away with the opposite arm in order to maximize this stretch! 2️⃣ Here is self mobilization using a foam roller to reduce tightness/hypertonic tissue in this area. -Cross your arms to allow the foam roller to contact these mid-scapula muscles easier. -If this is difficult on your neck feel free to support your neck with your hands. . Note: If you want to get a bit more specific on which part of the muscle you are targeting. You can use a lacrosse ball which will contact a smaller surface area of the muscle. . We would recommend following up these mobility drills with scapula stability work. This drill is designed purely for symptom management. . Tag someone that needs this! Likely from sitting too long without taking breaks.
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