Median Nerve Neurodynamics

Here is a shoe string model I designed for the visual learner to better understand neurodynamics. Be sure to turn your sound on as I explain in more detail what is happening to the median nerve at different joints based on position. Neurodynamics is the physical movement of nerves. Mobilization of nerves depends on the movement that is happening at the joints. However, it is important to note nerves are not exactly like shoe string, but perhaps more like dental floss. Nerves do not stretch like shoe string, but rather glide and elongate based on the balance of tension in the nerve beds at different joints. According to Coppieters et al. 2009, "different types of nerve-gliding exercises have very different effects on the nervous system. A sliding technique is exclusively used to refer to the type of technique that involves simultaneous movement at 2 or more joints that have opposite effects on the nervous system." Demonstrated here at the end of the video is a slider technique exercise (with added wrist and finger extension as a progression) that has been shown to create the largest excursion amongst common median nerve slider exercises. This visual demonstration is purely a teaching model! Realize the shoe string model likely exaggerates the movement of the median nerve as the study found nerve excursion to be no more than 10.2mm! If you liked this video, be sure to check out our other content on neurodynamics
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