Medball Slam – In Front, Anti Rotation

  • HOW: Anchor the Kayezen Vector below knee height. Put your right arm through the strap and rotate to your left if wanting to work an anti-rotation to your right and vice versa if wanting to work an anti-rotation to your left.The torso strap should come around your body around waist height. Take a hip width distance between your legs to get set up for the medball slam. With the ball in front of you, begin to lift yourself up on your toes taking the ball overhead. Reach as high as you can then drop the arms and chest down while shooting the hips back behind you, releasing the ball to slam on the floor. 
  • FEEL: You will feel your hip and trunk working on the side the Vector is anchored into. 
  • COMPENSATION: Avoid leaning sideways to resist the Vector

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