Master Your Home Workouts With This Tip

No gym, no problem! This video will help you master a home workout routine. You likely don't have access to much exercise equipment at home. There are a plethora of exercises that  you can perform to keep your body in shape. With all the at  home routines I have seen people performing, there is one piece many often don't fully understand. That is properly super-setting or pairing exercises. This is achieved by super-setting muscles that perform opposing movements. An example here is to perform a bicep curl with a tricep extension, NOT to perform two different bicep exercises after each other. This article will give you a better idea of how to be efficient with your home workouts, we will provide some examples that you can perform at home today to master home workouts! This article will categorize exercises into 1 of 4 different movements: -Upper body push -Upper body pull -Anterior chain dominant lower body exercise -Posterior chain dominant lower body exercise This is an oversimplified break down of all movements to help understand how to pair exercises. The key here is to make sure when supersetting  you don’t perform exercises that are intended to target the same category two times in a row. You don't have to particularly pair exercises the same manner that is demonstrated above, it is perfectly fine to perform a goblet squat with a push-up. However performing push-ups with a military press is defeating the purpose of a superset in my opinion. The idea here being that  you are providing one muscle group with a break as you are working on another group. When pairing exercises correctly you can superset with minimal to no break allowing your home exercises to be much more efficient!
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