Lunges – How to Load the Hip vs Knee

There are three primary things to consider when looking to bias either the GLUTES or the QUADS in the lunge. . 1️⃣Tibia Angle A tibia that is forward = more forward knee migration. This translates to a greater degree of knee flexion and thus a longer lever arm on the quadriceps. Essentially, the more forward the knee travels past the toes, the greater the demand on the quadriceps while decreasing demand on the glutes. . 2️⃣ Trunk Angle A forward trunk = longer lever arm for the glutes. In the same fashion in which a forward knee increases the quad lever arm, the trunk does the same thing for the glutes. . 3️⃣Hip extension vs Knee Extension This is one of the harder ones to see. Even if the biomechanical set up in the is correct to hit either the glutes or quads, if your CONTROL over which muscles you are firing isn't right, it does't make a difference at all. In the ascent phase of the exercise, you ideally will be using your quad to drive knee extension and glutes to drive hip extension. They should BOTH be occurring. . ‼️However, many times people tend to focus on just one - many times knee extension - and miss out on hitting the glutes.‼️ . Notice how my knee "snaps back", that's a tell tale sign that I'm initiating my lunge movement primarily with knee extension. Stay on the lookout for the knee snap back if targeting the glutes!
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