Lumbar Microdisectomy Late Rehab Sample Program

Check out this video of @greg_dulcich who is going to UCLA to play D1 college football this upcoming fall. Greg was referred to Craig after dealing with long standing hamstring pain, however following further assessment it was his back that was giving him significant issues. Greg ended up having a lumbar microdiscectomy and now he is back to participating in football drills, weight lifting, and enjoying life without any back pain. Demonstrated in this video are some higher level agility, strengthening & conditioning, and sport specific exercises that were used in the later stages of Greg’ lumbar microdiscectomy rehab. Considering Greg’s sport � he needs to be able to tolerate these movements and exercises in order to succeed at the D1 level. What was not featured in these two posts were a lot of lower body strengthening, trunk stabilization drills, and anti-rotation/eccentric rotation exercises that we have shared in the past. More importantly, we did not dive into the details of programming and graded exposure in this course of rehab after lumbar microdiscectomy, which are significantly important as well!
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