Low Back And Hip Mobility Routine

Here are some of my favorite low back and hip warm-up + cool-down mobility drills. I like to perform these movements especially before and after golf. Opening up the thoracic spine and hips is so important to feel not restricted with your golf swing. However, I also have individuals with general hip and back mobility deficits perform these movements as well. The hips, pelvis, and lumbar spine region is very complex. As we have said in many posts prior, proximal stability promote distal mobility. However, proximal stability is not limited to minimizing trunk/spinal movement. Proximal stability can be attained through controlled proximal mobility drills! The mobility drills featured in this video primarily focus on slow and controlled trunk movements that promote movement throughout the spine. The videos are sped up 1.5x speed for viewing purposes, however these movements are not to be rushed. I would encourage you to try these drills with anyone that has limited trunk/pelvis rotation with walking or limited hip ROM, and reassess after. When I am feeling extra tight/stiff and want to warm-up fast, I always use the back venom Hyperice
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