Long Sitting SLR – Lift Over

  • HOW: Begin this exercise by sitting tall with your arms out to the side and your legs straight and directly in front of you. For the leg you intend to work, set a yoga block or small object just to the outside of your shin. From here, engage your quad muscle by pushing your knee down into the ground, keep the leg straight, and lift your leg up and over the object. Once back on the ground you can quickly rest the leg with control on the ground. Engage the quad again to lift the leg and return to the starting position. Perform for the given amount of repetitions or time. 
  • FEEL: You will feel your quadriceps muscle group on the front of your leg working as you perform this exercise.
  • COMPENSATION: Avoid rounding your back or arching when performing this exercise, stay tall. Also, avoid bending the knee. Keep the leg straight to perform the exercise with appropriate control.

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