Load the Knee in Knee Rehab

Just a little PSA announcement...if you have a KNEE problem...you probably need to get the knee stronger. Just sayingโ€ฆ   There is a time and a place to teach someone a hip dominant strategy with lower extremity exercises. Typically this is early in the rehab process when someoneโ€™s knee is a bit sensitive, and thatโ€™s fine!   But when the knee calms down a bit, you MUST begin to reload the knee.   With many of these knee issues (ACL reconstruction, patellofemoral pain syndrome), we see that itโ€™s a lack of QUAD strength that is most correlated with outcomes, not hip strength. Does hip strength help? Heck ya it does!   But at the end of the day, you must load that sucker up!   This guiding philosophy is why in Phase I of the Knee [P]Rehab program, we teach people low level quad exercises while shifting much of the demand to the hip or ankle initially. Given ample time and desensitization to movement, eventually we then reload the knee in Phases II and III forโ€ฏ#quadgainz.   You can learn more about our Knee [P]Rehab program here:โ€ฏhttps://library.theprehabguys.com/knee-prehab-program/
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