Lizard Walk

Here is shown the Lizard walk. This is truly an exercise working on the entire kinetic chain, with emphasis on improving one’s hip mobility, chest, shoulder, core, and triceps strengthening. . To perform this exercise properly: Begin in a push up position, and bring up your knee to its ipsilateral elbow. Begin your step with a large stretched our reach with your arm while simultaneously bringing your contralateral knee to it’s relative elbow. For example; Here, the first step begins with movement of the right arm and left leg; then I proceed with a large reach with the left upper extremity and right lower extremity. To make sure that you are getting adequate shoulder stability, put a mild bend in the elbow vs. landing with your elbow completely straightened out. Note: Make sure that your scapula is not sticking out via internal rotation! . To Progress this exercise, you can see that I begin to lift the lowered arm off the ground and only push up with my elevated arm. This will not only increase demand on my chest, shoulder, and triceps, but will drastically increase demand at my core. #animalflow
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