Levator Scapulae Mobilization

If I had the power to re-create the Human Body, do you want to know the ONE MUSCLE I would leave out??? That's right you guessed it - the LEVATOR SCAPULAE! The levator scapulae has got to be the single most annoying and most painful muscle out there. It's literally SO SMALL, yet is can inflict SO MUCH PAIN AND DISCOMFORT on your neck and shoulders! A plethora of things can cause or contribute to levator scapulae pain, including but not limited to whiplash, forward head posture, working/sleeping with the head turned for too long or holding a phone between your shoulder and ear for too long. Or, as highlighted in yesterday's post, simply upper trap overuse - and consequently levator scapular overuse as it is a scapular elevator as well - can lead to the development of trigger points which can literally leave you in 10/10 pain. If your think you have levator scapulae or upper trap pain and are looking for some soft tissue work, give this self-release a try. Using the @mobloko trigger point ball, place it on your neck/shoulder region where you feel your greatest discomfort and lay down on it. This pressure alone may already be enough. If you need more pressure, SLOWLY raise your arm. As you raise your arm, the pressure will INCREASE. Try holding the position for a few seconds, then relax. Repeat 10-15 times per spot. Be gentle with it!
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