Leg Lift To Pulse Up

  • HOW: Start by laying flat on your back holding onto a sturdy object behind you with your arms and hands overhead. Perform the exercise by flattening your low back into the ground, then lift both legs up straight towards the ceiling. When your legs are pointed up towards the ceiling, pulse your hips up into the air into a body flagpole position. Reverse the motion by slowly lowering your hips down to the ground, slowly lower your legs toward the ground as low as you can control, then lift them back up and repeat.
  • FEEL: You should feel your arms, abs, legs, and core working with this exercise.
  • COMPENSATION: Do not let your knees bend, keep your legs straight. Do not let your low back excessively arch as you lift and lower your legs. Avoid using excessive momentum to perform the pulse up, control the pulse and hold the top of the motion for a moment. The further your feet are away from your hands, the harder the pulse up is to hold.

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