Dynamic Lat Stretch With Dowel

This stretch is designed to specifically target the Latissimus Dorsi. The Lat’s limited flexibility is often the culprit of excessive lumbar extension with overhead movement. This lumbar extension can be noticed with a rib flare & can cause Lower Back pain. Additionally, tight Lat’s often manifest in an internally rotated/rounded shoulders position, this is due to its action of internal rotation at the shoulder joint. This internal rotated position decreases subacromial space, which may result in SHOULDER IMPINGEMENT. Hopefully that shows the importance of flexibility in this muscle! The Latissimus Dorsi is a LARGE pulling muscle which play a huge role in Extending, Internally rotating, and Adducting your gleno-humeral joint. So how do we stretch it? Moving in the opposite motion! This means moving the shoulder into Flexion, External Rotation, and Abduction. This clip demonstrates how to passively stretch the Latissimus Dorsi, followed by how to activate the Lat's antagonist for an end-range lift off!
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