Lateral Medicine Ball Throw Progressions

Med ball throw exercises are an excellent way to build strength-speed and power. Lateral/rotational med ball throws are especially important for rotational/multi-directional athletes. Some example sports include golf, baseball, hockey, lacrosse, and track & field. However, lateral/rotational med ball throws should not be reserved only for these specific athletes. I find myself prescribing these exercises for all athletes ➡️ whether it is an ACLr patient working on lateral acceleration/deceleration, or an elbow rehab patient learning to use their lower body more.   Demonstrated in this post are three example lateral/rotational med ball throw exercises with progressions based on double leg ➡️ single leg ➡️ bounding.   1️⃣ Double leg counter movement throw 2️⃣ Transverse lunge counter movement to double leg throw 3️⃣ Lateral single leg step counter movement to medial bound throw   If the goal is to train speed-strength and muscular power, you want the parameters to be no more than 6️⃣ reps at a time with adequate rest breaks (90-120s). I like to prescribe 5️⃣ sets of 3-5 reps‼️
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