Lateral Lunge With Band And Slider

This exercise is a leg burner! I'm talking cardiovascular demand, leg strength, and muscle endurance. Utilizing the sliders AND the resistance band, this exercise achieves something normal lateral lunges cannot. I'm talking greater co-contraction and time under tension. As I initiate the exercise, I am activating my hip abductors concentrically on both hips due to the resistance of the band. Then, the sliders facilitate eccentric control of my hip extensors AND my hip adductors. Due to constant contact with the ground, this exercise achieves co-contraction of opposing muscles and eccentric muscle contraction 100% of the time. This is something missed when you perform step-to lateral lunges. Returning to starting position, I have to activate my hip adductors, hip extensors, and eccentrically control the resistance band with my hip abductors! In general terms, this exercise is working just about every muscle in the leg and demands trunk control! The resistance band is a great addition because it also facilitates returning to starting position.
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