Lateral Lunge – Band

  • HOW: Begin this exercise by taking a large step to your side. The larger the step, the deeper you will be able to go with this exercise. Once you have stepped, perform a lateral lunge motion by letting your hip and knee bend and lower yourself as far as you feel comfortable then push into the ground forcefully to return to starting position.
  • FEEL:  The leg that you are lunging on will be working, from the calves up to the thigh and hips. Most feel a burn in the quad and glute muscles here. You may feel a stretch in the groin on the hip of the leg that is straight.
  • COMPENSATION:  Avoid landing very stiff on the leg that is lunging, you want to absorb shock with the muscle by landing softly. Avoid allowing the knee to go far forward past your toes, let your hip bend as well with this exercise. Also, avoid your knee caving inward, make sure to keep your ankle, knee, and hip in alignment.

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