Lateral Ankle Sprain Exercises

When the time is right, I have every individual that has experienced a lateral ankle sprain perform these exercises. Here is a break down of each exercise   1 - Y-balance is a staple dynamic ankle stability exercise   2 - Forward & lateral lunge with a bosu is a great exercise to challenge dynamic ankle stability as well as working on a powerful push-off   3 - Advanced squats with heel raises   4 - Single leg balance in inversion with sport specific task. It is important to regain confidence and feel comfortable with the position your ankle is vulnerable in!   You can make each exercise easier or harder! It doesn’t have to look like this…remove the bosu, decrease the distance covered, provide upper body support, you decide! Yes these are advanced lateral ankle sprain exercises, however you can modify and regress everything shown thus far to challenge the sprained ankle appropriately! The beauty of all these advanced lateral ankle sprain exercises is that you can alter them however you’d like!   If you’re concerned about slipping or the person slipping be sure to wear shoes‼️
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