Learn to Hip Hinge Using Landmine Squats

Use the Landmine Squat to Learn to Hip Hinge . Want to learn how to groove the squat pattern? Especially if someone is a beginner? Look no further than the LANDMINE SQUAT. The fixed length of the barbell forces you to sink back in your hips as you descent, grooving that squat movement and hip hinge. . Furthermore, due to the anterior weight displacement and slight forward lean during the landmine squat, you can actually get FULL HIP EXTENSION. In comparison to a barbell back squat, you never truly get full extension through the hips - as you'd probably fall over! With the landmine squat, you can achieve that full hip extension at the top of the squat, which is when the GLUTES are the most active. . Not shown, but to progress into heavier weights, place the barbell on top of a jump box (24in). At this elevated height, you won't have to worry about lowering/picking up the landmine from the floor! Another variation not shown is adding monsterbands. This adds accommodating resistance to the exercise, further challenging the top position when you need full hip extension and maximal glute activation! . Tag a friend and give it a shot!
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