Landmine Meadow Row

Meadow rows have become one of my favorite variations to incorporate into my #backday. The meadow row, unlike other row variations such as the dumbell row, has a starting shoulder position that is further away from your torso (in more abduction). This upwardly rotates the scapula, putting the rhomboids on stretch and thus at a bit of a disadvantage via length-tension relationships (passive insufficiency). In this shoulder position closer to 90deg of abduction, we can get more MID TRAP activation as well as lats and post delt. . I'm performing the meadow row in the mini-squat position for added core/torso work (anti-rotation) - one of the many benefits of performing exercises on the landmine. You can also perform this exercise in a split stance position. Try to lift the weight only with your back - don't use momentum to lift the weight!
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