Landmine Leg Power Exercises

♥️ I LOVE the landmine for so many reasons. Specifically for this post, I like that I can load up a single leg triple extension pattern (hip, knee, and ankle extension) without actually jumping or decelerating/absorbing force on a hyperextended knee.   🏋️‍♂️ With free weights, performing a triple extension movement like this for maximal power will either:   🛹 Force me to actually jump and leave my feet if the weight is low. ❌ Force me to decelerate/absorb force on a hyperextended knee if the weight is high. 🧐 It's really really tough to find the perfect weight or perfect power output/effort to avoid both of the scenarios above. They're not necessarily bad things, but if looking to avoid them in a particular exercise you can try this landmine reverse lunge to triple extension double arm overhead press with step through.   🤣 Wow, that's a long exercise name haha….what should we name this exercise?? Let us know in the comments! And give it a shot yourself and let us know what you think! #landmine #landminepower #landmineexercises
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