Kneeling Lat Mobilization – External Rotation, Dowel

  • HOW: Get set up first by placing a barbell around thigh height on a rack. You can also perform this exercise on a box, bench, or any other object around that height. Grab a dowel or PVC pipe with your palms face UP just a little bit wider than shoulder distance apart. Then get down on both knees and place the end of your triceps, just before your elbows, onto the barbell or box. Scoot your knees back so you are comfortable. Arch your upper back and drive your elbows hard into the barbell to feel the stretch. When you arch your back, think of tucking a tail between your legs. You can intensify the stretch by placing your hands even further apart to begin with.
  • FEEL: You should feel a huge stretch under your arm pits and even into your shoulders and sometimes your triceps region.
  • COMPENSATION: The key is to arch your back with this stretch. Do not just simply drive your chest to the floor.

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