Knee Valgus is Bad: Fact or Myth for Predicting ACL Injuries?

TIMESTAMPS ⏱  0:00 Intro 1:16 Single Leg Hop 2:05 Lunge with Band 2:29 Standing Clams with Ball Toss 3:38 Bloopers   Knee Valgus Is Bad: Fact or Myth For Predicting ACL Injuries? Check out this youtube video to get our thoughts surrounding knee valgus. Want to decrease your chance of injuring your ACL? This video includes four MUST DO exercises to decrease your risk of injury and learn how to control knee valgus. Let’s keep those knees healthy and strong, and keep you on the field!   Looking to further bulletproof your knees? Check out our Knee Prehab program to learn all the best tips, tricks, and exercises for your knees!    Lean more about our Knee [P]Rehab Program here -   ARTICLE:,Conclusion,published%20study%20examining%20this%20relationship.   Video Edited By:
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