Knee To Wall Ankle Dorsiflexion Assessment

The Knee To Wall Ankle Dorsiflexion Assessment is a reliable tool developed and used to evaluate ankle mobility, specifically ankle dorsiflexion range of motion in a closed kinetic chain environment. Please watch the video to get a visual demonstration of how to perform the test and what to be mindful of. Below you will find a description of how to do so. Get set up in a half kneeling position near a wall with your foot barefoot on a firm surface. Begin the test by positioning your big toe at least 4-fingers from the wall with your foot facing 12 o'clock. Then, while keeping your heel flat on the ground, try to move your knee directly forward over your toes in attempt to touch the wall. If your knee is able to touch the wall, move your big toe backward, away from the wall, and try again until you find the exact distance that you can just touch the wall with your knee before your heel lifts. Take a break and perform on the other side, record your score in terms of how far your big toe is from the wall in inches, centimeters, or fingers (whichever you prefer, just make note of it so you remember when it comes time for reassessment). Some rules to remember with this assessment. Make sure your heel stays on the ground. Be mindful of your arch position, it is ok for your arch to lower a little bit, but don't completely drop your arch so it is flat on the ground. Be sure to reference the entire video again before performing this assessment again on both sides to improve your performance. Prehab Goals & Normative Values:  Knee to wall with big toe 5 inches (4 fingers) from the wall. The other ideal goal is to have similar ankle range of motion side-to-side. Take the assessment, write down your score, and track your progress throughout the program.
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