Knee Rehab Hacks: Do these at home | Episode 47

TIMESTAMPS 0:00​ Intro 0:31​ Stairs Rehab hack 2:48​ Chair Rehab hack 06:03​ Conclusion USE THE STAIRS AS PART OF YOUR REHAB In this video, we go over tips on how to go up and down the stairs if your knee is sensitive. Furthermore, we discuss some ways to make the stairs even more challenging if you're in a more advanced stage of rehab. USE A CHAIR AS PART OF YOUR REHAB Did you know that you get up and down from a chair or seat close to 100 times a day? This is a GREAT opportunity to further strengthen your knee! After an injury, its VERY common to shift weight away from your injured side. This movement pattern often persists even AFTER you are feeling good and no longer in pain as it’s a learned non-use of your injured side. We need to combat this! To do so, follow the tips in the video to take advantage of 100 squats a day! Bulletproof Your Knee: Video edited by:
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