Kettlebell Swing

  • HOW: Set up a kettlebell in between your feet. Hip hinge to grab the kettlebell and elevate the bell until you are standing up tall. Keep your shoulder blades slightly pulled back. Now perform a kettlebell swing by staying stiff with your back, shoulders, and neck – this motion should primarily be taking place at your hips and knees. The key with this exercise is to thrust your hips forward, this will create momentum for you to swing the bell. Make sure to straighten out your knees and hips at the top position.
  • FEEL: You will primarily feel the glutes working with this exercise, emphasize a glute squeeze at the top. You will also feel your calves and quadriceps working here.  
  • COMPENSATION:  Do not round your back as you are lowering the weight, also avoid arching your back as you explode up, your back should remain stiff throughout the movement.

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