Kettlebell Plank Drag Through

I posted a TON of �s last week from class, where we spent 6 days straight covering upper extremity sports ��️⛹️� rehabilitation and performance. For those that watched, a common theme of the class emerged: "the � to upper extremity sports and performance and rehab is SCAPULAR STABILITY." We didn't push, pull, snatch, clean a SINGLE WEIGHT, and instead focused on PROPER ACTIVATION of the scapular stabilizers i.e. the SERRATUS ANTERIOR and the TRAPS. First in isolation, and then in integration with the arm in DIAGONALS , and finally with the entire kinetic chain along either the ANTERIOR or POSTERIOR OBLIQUE SLING. . You can say I was skeptical as first, how was this going to make me any stronger? But low and behold I hit PRs on benchpress and overhead press �after that week straight of stability exercises. Was the easiest I've ever pressed in my life. . I'll highlight some of the key concepts with this exercise - one of my favorites for CORE AND SCAPULAR CONTROL. Notice my serratus stays engaged the ENTIRE TIME. The medial border should stay flush the entire time. In the progression where I'm reaching farther, I then am introducing ROTATION �UNDER THE SCAPULA, which my serratus MUST CONTROL! A stable scapula with the torso moving underneath is what happens in nearly every overhead sport. For baseball think early cocking to the late cocking phase. It's hard as hell trust me. . It's SO EASY to bullshit your way through exercises like this, video on right, and just look fancy dragging a KB on the ground. But notice my scapula is WINGING like a � and my serratus is completely OFF, especially the R one. On the clip on the left, you'll notice I am able to keep my serratus engaged, even through the rotation, and the medial border stays flush against my thorax. That right there is the difference between maximizing your time spent training or doing bullshit "fancy exercises" cause you want to look cool. . Note that the goal of this variation is to target the shoulder, the core work is an added benefit. And YES, its perfectly fine for the spine to rotate…what do you think you do every time you play sports? . ‼️Our motto, if you're going to exercise, do it right.‼️
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