Kettlebell Drag Through – Slider

  • HOW: Start on your hands and knees with a weight or object under your chest below your hands. You want to make sure there is minimal friction between the weight/object and the ground. Begin the exercise by getting into a high plank position. Then grab the weight/object with one hand, slide it in the direction of that arm as far as you feel comfortable with. Then switch hands, grab and drag the weight through in the opposite direction. Repeat
  • FEEL: This will feel like a full body workout. Your upper body will be working to support your torso and drag the weight/object. Your core and lower body will be working to maintain a high plank position.
  • COMPENSATION: Do not excessively rotate your upper body. It is ok if you're reaching and sliding the weight/object far. However, stay strong through your shoulder blades, do not let them wing when supported with one arm. Do not excessively raise or dip your hips or your low back.

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