Jumping Scissor Lunges

Looking for a way to mix up your leg day with an absolutely brutal exercise? Want to incorporate explosive movement patterns? Feeling the need for a killer cardiovascular taxing? Well look no further than these WEIGHTED PLYOMETRIC JUMPING LUNGES!! These bad boys are NO JOKE. Not only are you getting all the usual benefits of a normal lunge, you are adding an element of dynamic plyometric movement. IMPORTANT: PROGRESS APPROPRIATELY! Like any plyometric program, adherence to a SAFE progression in exercise difficulty is an absolute must to avoid injury. Check out Episode ____ for our tips on how to properly progress a plyometric training program. Specifically for this exercise, first make sure you have the strength and motor control for a normal lunge. Next, work on jumping up and switching your feet in midair. Make sure to land softly and absorb the impact via eccentric muscular control - don’t just bang down on your joints! Ensure that your back knee does NOT hit the ground. Only after you have mastered the control of the jump and landing should you proceed to add weight. If you try them out, let us know how it goes!
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