Increase Glute Activity

-The Glute's (Gluteus Maximus, Medius, and Minimus) perform 3 primary movements on the hip joint. These include: Hip Extension, Hip Abduction, and Hip External Rotation. -Often times there is an over emphasis on individuals training in just one plane, the Saggital plan, via Hip Extension. While this will target this muscle good, here are a few ways you can challenge the Glute muscles in more than just the Saggital plane in order to maximize the activity of these muscles. -Make sure to hold the dumbbell in the OPPOSITE side of the leg that is being worked. When the dumb bell is placed in your left hand, as shown in this video, this will move the ground reaction force to move towards the left side of my body; this external moment will in turn make my body want to go into left side bend and right hip adduction. In order to maintain upright, I will need to right side bend and use my right hip abductors in order to keep my body upright, thus increasing demand on my right oblques and right Glute's. Shown here are a few different ways to challenge the glute's in more than just one plane: -Lunge (Lunge series beginning at episode 138 for alternative variations -Step-up (Episode 245 for proper Step up form) -RDL (RDL series beginning at episode 189 for alternative variations) -Unilateral Bridge (check out episode 179 for alternative bridge variations) Tag someone who can benefit from working on their Glute's!
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