You Must Incorporate Single Leg Exercises For Prehab

Incorporating single extremity exercises into your regular workout routine is absolutely vital to preserving equal strength, balance, and coordination between each of your legs. In many sports, side-to-side strength and balance differences might arise solely due to the fact that the athlete performs repetitive movements more on one side of the body than the other. For example, a soccer player who is naturally right footed will prefer to kick with his right leg and plant with his left leg. This natural preference might manifest in thousands of more kicks with his right leg than his left. Overtime, these repetitive movements can lead to side-to-side differences such as increased balance on the left, increased hip and core stability on the left, and conversely decreased stability on the right and increased knee extensor power on the right. Single extremity exercises is a great way to maintain bilateral strength, balance, and coordination symmetry and avoid injury.
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