Improve Your Turkish Get Up

If you only have time for one exercise and want a full body workout, the Turkish Get Up should be considered! The TGU requires... - Strength - Stability - Mobility - Balance - Control . The 3-point stance is a common position in the TGU, meaning 3 points of contact with the ground. Moving in and out of the 3-point stance positions in the TGU requires hip mobility, trunk mobility and stability, and shoulder girdle strength. If you’re having trouble with the 3-point stances, you should spend more time in them practicing! . Here are a few accessory drills to improve your 3-point stance positions. On the left is a nice way to practice balance and control in one of the 3-point stance transition positions (Half Kneeling). On the right is one of my favorite accessory drills to build shoulder girdle strength in a different 3-point stance.
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