Improve The Bottom Of Your Squat With Sit Squat Isometrics

Squatting is one of the most fundamental movement patterns in life. It is OK to squat differently than someone else, lets make that clear.  It is also OK to not squat perfectly when going about life to pick something up, grab something you dropped, doing it quickly, etc. However, when squatting UNDER LOAD and managing an orthopedic issue (knee pain, back pain), working on mechanics and alignment can be beneficial.   For whatever reason it may be ➡️ the bottom of the squat is where I tend to see the most issues. When that is the case, I like to program sit squat isometrics. This exercise is great for building strength, body awareness, comfort, and confidence with the bottom of the squat. Follow the exercise details below ⤵️   Get an object (such as a large medicine ball) set-up on the ground. Sit your 🍑 down on the medicine ball. Reach forward with both arms to help and counterbalance your weight. Without shifting your weight forward excessively (think about trying to keep your knees in place vs. drifting forward over your toes) lift your 🍑 off the object and hold the position for 3-5s. I like to think about a string is attached to the top of my head and it is pulling me directly up towards the ceiling. ‼️NOTE‼️ As you can tell this is DIFFICULT FOR ME from this depth, but I do my best 😀   If you want to try and mimic at back squat, place your hands behind your head and perform the same drill. Program as needed 3-4x/week or on training days to improve your squat! I challenge you to perform this AFTER weighted squats to see how it feels and if it is different than how the bottom of your squat feels with a bar in your hands.
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